Saturday, August 24, 2013


If you're anything like me, you've got lots of housework to get today. Cauldrons need scrubbing, the dungeon needs a good layer of dust.... and the dreaded laundry. I wish I liked doing laundry... but I don't. If only something could make it more fun.....

Ok, so why haven't I seen these before, and why don't I have them?!
I was just hopping around on the www and I found these really cool clothespins! I'm always looking for cool stuff to make my dull, everyday tasks around the Manor, so much more fun!
Could you just imagine hanging out all your laundry with these? I for one, would love to see the Count's favorite capes hanging out in the moonlight, to dry.
They're sold on Amazon, but I if you check out Shut Up and Take My Money .com, you'll see lots of other cool stuff, too. Check it out!

I think I may need to do some online shopping this afternoon...... Happy Saturday!