Thursday, August 22, 2013


Nothing says "Welcome to our haunted home" more than a nice set of bloody towels for the bathroom.

I found this picture on Pinterest, and I just had to share! This is one of my all time favorite projects.... for one, it's super easy, and two.... wait until you hear the screams coming from the guest bathroom! Priceless!

One of the themes that is a favorite for any bathroom is the Bates Motel theme, from the classic movie "Psycho". Add a few framed black and white photos of the Bates Motel, also post a hotel check out policy on the back of the door. Don't forget the bloody shower curtain, bath mat, and the towels to match! (I actually got an old pair of dish towels and cut out some felt letters to read BATES MOTEL.... and sewed them on! Super easy! But if you can't sew, just use some fabric glue, or even "Stitch Witch" and apply it by using a hot iron)

I usually find these goodies at the dollar store. Get a clear (or white) shower curtain, a set of white towels, and a plain white bath mat. (I actually did this project for under $20.00!) Now all you need is some red acrylic (gloss) craft paint (you want to use acrylic because you'll just need soapy water to clean up afterwards) and lots of paper plates and towels.

Now let me warn you.... this can get a little messy, so I suggest putting down an old sheet or tablecloth on the floor for your work area.... trust me. All you do is lay out the item you want to paint. Pour some paint on a paper plate, and then press your hand into it. Now, take a paper towel, and test it out, to see if you like your hand print. If so, apply more paint, then press it on to the item (shower curtain or towel) Don't forget to smear it around a bit, and add a few splatter marks. Repeat the same process for the towels.

Now, if you're going to do a bath mat, use your foot to make the print on the mat, using the same technique. So easy, and very high on the shriek factor! But let me tell you, once you try this.... you'll have so much fun, you'll look for other stuff to paint. I've done tablecloths, napkins, lampshades and kitchen curtains....

The possibilities are endless! Have a bloody great day!