Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It's good to finally be back!

Please forgive my absence, I was quite under the weather, and I know that's normally a good thing for the Halloween Queen.... but this time it was actually... quite a pain in the butt.

Thank you for all the kindness that was sent my way, and no need to worry, I'm alive and well. Well, at least for now, anyway.....

But I was jolted from my slumber.... only to realize that there's only 71 days until Halloween!

There's so much to do.... let's get started!

I suggest going to the front door and checking out what you've got to work with. Some entry way decorations might take a little bit of planning to pull off a magical effect, like this.

I usually sketch out what I want it to look like, take a few measurements, and start making my supply list! And use magazines (since all the How-To-Halloween publications are on the racks, right now!) and the www to look for new and creative ideas.

Maybe a creepy graveyard or crazy, mad scientist laboratory.... the possibilities are endless! But we need to start planning, right now!

I missed you all.... glad to be back!