Thursday, April 11, 2013


Some of the best Halloween decorations are the ones that are so simple, they're cool! And the best part, is they don't take a lot of time to assemble, and you can pretty much figure it out, just by looking at the picture.... But if not...

These directs are quick and simple......Take some mini pumpkins. Hallow out the centers to fit your votive candles. Then using a drill (with a small bit) place holes to fit the pipe cleaners, where the spider's legs will be. Then bend the pipe cleaners to look like spider legs.... add the votive candle.... you're done!

But be warned! These may not be suitable for kid's parties..... they're so cute, you know little hands are gonna wanna touch 'em!

Just another one of my magic spells that's super-easy, but all your guests will marvel at your creativity and talent! (And that's the real magic, right?) *wink