Tuesday, April 16, 2013


If you're one of those who think that Halloween is just for the kiddies... well, think again!

You really should consider hosting an elegant and eerie dinner party. Sounds great, right? Now..... are you looking for some inspiration to set a spooky table?

We all know the table can really set the mood for any dinner party.... and don't let Halloween be the exception.  Here's a fantastic setting for that intimate Halloween dinner party, for the adult party-goers.

Create a tall grim centerpiece by filling a three-tier cake stand with various Halloween decor. Fill the centerpiece with glittery skulls, bones, spray-painted Christmas ornaments and a silver witch's hat. And don't forget the miniature skulls on the plates and add crystal elements to the table, with candle holders and wine glasses. Isn't it just BOO-tiful?!

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