Friday, April 12, 2013


I know that I blogged about this earlier this week, but I'm really loving the whole idea of hosting a Ghostly Garden Party, for the annual Halloween bash this year. I've been having visions of formal invitations rolled-up and tied in bows, with dead flowers and weeds. (Be sure not to use poison ivy, your guests might not find that so amusing...)

The gardens around the Manor would be the perfect spooky spot to mingle with ghoulish guests. I'm thinking lots of rusty chairs and dusty sheets to set the mood. And don't forget to have a creepy gate for your guests to walk through, to enter the garden.

Light the way with glass jar luminaries, and signs.... to point out every twist and turn of what awaits them! And if you don't have the ambiance of rolling fog, like we do here around the Manor, go rent (or buy, they're pretty cheap) a fog machine!

I think a rusty old potting table would make a lovely boo-ffet table, to serve moldy lady-finger sandwiches and green goblin punch.

Remember, it's all about setting the mood. Think about hanging Spanish moss from tree limbs, wrapped in tiny orange or purple Halloween lights.

Don't forget to have plenty of tombstones... and maybe a few piles of dirt, for freshly dug graves.

And to really add to the festivities.... why not have a few "fiends" in costume, to play the role of your friendly neighborhood grave diggers?! They could casually stroll around the party, searching for more "customers". Love it!

You know, maybe I'll watch the Disney "Haunted Mansion" movie this weekend, for a little inspiration. Happy Friday!