Thursday, July 19, 2012


Everyone is now talking about something I've been saying for sooooo long now..... "Zombies are cool!"

Yes, everyone has jumped on the "i love zombies" ban wagon.... but that's ok, they're what's hot right now. So lets make that work for us, shall we?

Someone sent me this picture, a while back, and I had to do a bit of web-detective work until I could finally track it down. But it was worth it. This is a pretty cool project, not too difficult and will look great hanging on the wall during Halloween season.

This project comes from Alicia on her blog Put On The Glasses, and it's a few years old, (but so what, it's pretty darn cool) and her step-by-step instructions for making this Zombie Attack Box will guide you through it, quite easily.

This brings to mind the Boy Scout creed, "Be prepared". But when dealing with Zombies, my motto is..... "Get them before they get you!"