Monday, July 9, 2012


What better way to get geared up for the Halloween party season.... than to throw a Spooktacular party!

There's only 113 days until Halloween..... and in case you didn't know, Friday the 13th is coming up on the calendar pretty fast. So let's plan a (gown-up..... no kiddies allowed at this one) party, shall we?

Theme parties are always fun, no matter what time of year. And a good one to begin with is a Friday the 13th theme.... complete with the Friday the 13th movies, cocktails, a fabulous menu... and guests come dressed as your favorite slasher Jason Voorhees...or one of Camp Crystal Lakes many victims!

As for the menu, think camping food....grill hot dogs, macaroni and potato salad, chips and dips! Have lots of soda, wine, and beer filled up on ice, in coolers. And if you've got the space and a fire pit in your back yard, plan on making a campfire and toasting marshmallows before the movies begin!

And if you've got time, it might be fun to make some camp counselor shirts for yourself or your party guests! Just copy and blow up the image below and use a transfer kit, or fabric paint to put on a plain tee-shirt!

It's gonna be a great party, Mrs. Voorhees would be so proud!