Tuesday, July 24, 2012


These cute little vampire lollipops will make great party favors for your Halloween party -- be sure to make plenty, they'll fly off before you know it! This project comes from Amanda Formaro at kaboose.com and it's super easy for kids ages 7 and up.

Here's what you'll need:
Red cellophane
Black felt
Twist ties
White address labels
Peel and stick wiggle eyes
Pattern (see link below)

How to make it:
Using the pattern, cut capes (one for each lollipop) from black felt.

Cut a piece of cellophane into a square, large enough to wrap around the head of the lollipop. (See photo.)

Loosely wrap the cellophane around the lollipop and place the wrapped lollipop onto the felt cape. (See photo.)

Wrap twist tie around both at the neck of the lollipop. (See photo.)

Cut fangs from white address labels and stick to the front of the lollipop. Attach peel and stick wiggle eyes to the front of the lollipop. (See photo.)

To add some variety, try using different colors of cellophane such as orange, green, or purple.

Bend the ends of the twist ties to look like bow ties.

Try creepy eye Halloween stickers instead of wiggle eyes.

This would be a great class activity for all you "classroom moms" who are looking for fun ideas for those little monsters!