Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Since I've been talking a lot about party planning this week, let's keep going with that. Mostly because I found this amazing idea that I think would really perk up the old punch bowl, for your upcoming party....

Make some ice cube roses! Trust me, it's way easier than it sounds! And can you just picture these little beauties floating around some witches brew? Maybe even add some dry ice for a super-spooky effect.

For step-by-step instructions to make the ice cube roses, check out Jonathan Fong Style!

Here's what you'll need to make the Witches Brew:

This recipe will take about 15 minutes to prepare and make, so be sure that your ice cubes are all set and ready for the punch bowl. This should be the last thing you put out (about 15 minutes) before your guests arrive.

20 cups water
1 lg. can frozen limeade
1 lg. can frozen lemonade
1 pkg. lemon-lime kool-aid
1 cup sugar (or 1 pkg. presweetened lemon-lime kool-aid)
1/2 lg. can pineapple juice
1 lg. bottle ginger ale
2 cups chilled vodka (optional)
Black food coloring

Add the first 8 ingredients into a large punch bowl. Mix well. Add a few drops at a time of the black food coloring, to get the desired color (darkness) that you want, mix well. Add ice cube roses. (I suggest that you make 2 dozen of these if you're going to use in a big punch bowl) It'll keep the punch cold enough, and look spooktacular when all the roses are floating in the Witches Brew!

This punch bowl would also make a fantastic centerpiece if you're hosting a Twilight movie marathon or a Vampire-ish themed dinner party..... love it! (More on that idea coming up tomorrow!!!)