Friday, December 4, 2015


Happy Friday Halloweenies!
It's another fun project day here around The Manor, and today we'll be working on more Christmas tree ornaments!

Since we have several Christmas trees here at The Manor, my favorite one to decorate is the black tree. Yes, The Queen really does have a black Christmas tree!

And what better fitting a scary Christmas tree, than some Jack Skellington ornaments?! Now don't worry, you don't have to be an artist..... (I've included a template in case you don't trust your painting skills...) and you'll only need a few supplies....

You'll need a few glass, round ornaments, and I'm sure you can pick up a bunch at your local dollar store, but make sure they're plain, since you'll be painting directly on them. You'll also need some white (gloss) spray paint, black acrylic craft paint, a few thin paint brushes, and a pencil.

Before you start to paint, if you want to use the template, be sure to reduce it to the size that will fit on the ornament, then make a copy, and print it out. Using an exacto knife, carefully cut out the black sections. You should have a cut out version of the face. Carefully place the template on the ornament, and secure it with a piece or two of tape, to keep it in place when you paint it.

First, spray paint each ornament (front, back, and underneath) and let dry thoroughly. Then draw on the face design on each ornament, in pencil. Once you have it the way you want, you're ready to paint.

Using the black acrylic craft paint fill in the design. Then let dry, and you're done! I think I'll add some shiny black ribbons for hangers, or some bows....

Another idea, is you could do them in reverse black and white, with black ornaments and a white face. The possibilities are endless!

Have a spooky weekend!