Thursday, December 10, 2015


You know we love decorating for Christmas as much as for Halloween, and the craftier.... the better!

This super crafty idea comes from Abi at Laughing Abi, and not only is it pretty darn easy, it something you can use all year long!

All you'll need is some white spray paint, and old picture or mirror frame, and some chalkboard paint! I'll let Abi take it from here.....

Chalkboards are everywhere right now and my house is no exception. I love doodling new things on this one in our entry when the seasons change. (See my Halloween board and tutorial HERE.) I asked the kids what they thought it should say for the holidays and they both picked a Countdown To Christmas theme. (Did you hear what I said? They agreed on something.)

Since I don’t like my own handwriting much I went searching for a font that seemed “countdowny” but wasn’t too detailed or fussy. I landed on this one called Sandwich Paper. After a quick download and install I got to work, following the same steps I used at Halloween.

As for the little fillers, a quick Google search for “chalkboard doodles” or “chalkboard flourishes” will turn up about a zillion ideas. I found my inspiration here but you could use anything. I just felt like swirls and twigs that day.

Then all that’s left to do is hang it up and admire its loveliness. Oh, and of course change the count each day.

Thanks so much Abi! And for more really cool ideas, be sure to check out the Laughing Abi website!