Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Well.... We did it!

We've got another successful Halloween under our belts, and it's time to relax. And I hope that everyone is still basking in the spooky glow.

Now, if you're like me and I know you are.... you still have a cauldron-full of candy around the house. I've gotten lots of questions on what to do with it all. Well, you can always donate it to a local shelter, senior citizen center, or food bank.... they're always grateful to have a few treats they can distribute.

Or you can keep it tucked away in a safe place, for when you need a little something sinfully sweet. Let me suggest the first thing you need to do, is take it all and separate it (just the mini chocolate stuff like peanut butter cups, Snickers, KitKats, etc.) into little Ziploc bags, and flatten them out, and store in the freezer. Trust me on this.....

You'll thank me, when it's a cold, stormy night, and you wake-up around the witching hour, and your sweet tooth is calling. Just go to your little stash and take out a piece (just one!) and it'll work like magic!

That's your "Tip of the Day", now take today to enjoy what you've accomplished. You did a great job this year, and everyone was in awe of what an amazing Halloween Hostess you are! Congrats!

And don't worry, with only 354 days until next Halloween, I'll have plenty of ideas to keep you busy, all year long!