Friday, November 20, 2015


Happy Friday, my dear Halloweenies!

'Tis the season of holiday shopping, and as I'm flying around the web, I've found some nifty gift ideas for some on my shopping list, and for me, too! That's always fun....

One of my favorite gifts to give are candles. Most people love 'em, and there are so many different kinds of candles on the market now a days.... so I get pretty excited when I find something new!

Check out these amazing little babies from Witch City Wicks! Great name, by the way....

These are hand-made, all natural soy-based wax candles, in lots of assorted scents. They range in price from about $6 to $20, so they're a real bargain, if you ask me! They've got some really interesting ones, like this Wolf Moon from the BLACK COLLECTION. (Please note: most of this collection have sold out, but I'm sure you can inquire when they'll be available for the new year)

The "House of Wax" collection is a diverse range of alternatively-themed candles with ornate, decorative labels that compliment the theme of each individual scent. Like "Holy Ground", "Bite Me", and of course, we all need the "Séance" candle!

There are lots of great scents to choose from, which include some classics like, Fall Harvest and Lavender Rosemary. They also have a "Curiosities" collection with label art work is inspired by modern curiosities and nature, like Opium and Rosewood Musk.
And we can't forget about the guys.... they've got scented candles just for the men like Black Leather, Driftwood, and BACON!
Today might be a good day to get a jump on your holiday shopping! Have a frightfully fantastic weekend!