Thursday, June 18, 2015


Even though today is officially the First Day of Summer.... I can't help but get excited about the idea of all of those glorious pumpkins that are starting to grow in pumpkin patches all over!

You all know how much I just adore pumpkins.... they're not only fun to carve, but really fun to decorate too!

And there are so many great ideas out there, especially if you want to tackle something stylish, instead of scary. People are decorating their pumpkins with lace, beads, quilt patterns... and even a Tinkerbell pumpkin! Oh my!You just may need to start planning your pumpkins soon, to make sure you stock up, when they become available.

And to get those creative pumpkin juices flowing today, here are 11 great ideas from Decorating Your Small to get you started!

With a few ideas, some supplies, and a bit of creativity.... I guarantee you'll have the best looking pumpkins on the block this Halloween season!