Friday, June 12, 2015


You know, I get asked a lot for a simple and super-quick recipe that a proper Halloween Homemaker can bring to a party. Well, if you need something in a flash.... you can't go wrong with cheese and crackers. And how do we make plain old cheese and crackers, look like something spooktacular? You make it into a skull, that's how!

Choose your favorite cheese ball recipe, and form it into a skull for your next ghoulish gathering. Or make this for your next family movie night, and I promise the little monsters will go bonkers over it!

It's really quite simple.... once you form the skull shape, then hollow out holes for the eyes and nose. Be sure to add  few extras like olives (either green or black would look great!) for eyeballs, and some sliced almonds for teeth, to make the look complete.

Pile a bunch of your favorite crackers around the skull cheese ball, and you're ready to party!