Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I got an e mail from a fellow Halloweenie, Melissa.... who was thrilled to find these cool towels on Amazon, and then quickly disappointed to find out.... they were Sold Out!

Aaaagggghhhh! Don't you hate when that happens?! What to do, what to do? Well Melissa, you make 'em yourself, that's what you do!

You can do this! Oh, yes you can! And they'll look very similar to the ones pictured here.... All you need are some basic sewing skills, some hand towels with a simple black and white pattern, some black thread and terry cloth fabric. (Depending on how many towels you want to decorate, you shouldn't need more than about a half yard of fabric)

Using the pattern I've included, just reduce or enlarge it on your printer or copier, and measure it against the bottom of the towel, to make sure it fits (the whole way) across the bottom.

Then take the black terry cloth fabric, cut it against the pattern, and with a few simple stitches on the sewing machine (or by hand, whichever you prefer) attach them (make sure the bats are hanging upside down) to the bottom of each towel.

Now, I wouldn't attach the googly eyes.... I think I'd like them just solid black.... but if you want to, you could make eyes with some scrap black and white fabric or googly eyes, and attach with some fabric glue. (*If you do this, be sure when you want to clean them, to only gently hand-wash, because those eyes surely wouldn't make it through your washing machine...)

Now you'll need to find a gothic-looking towel stand to complete the look.... but I say it's well worth it.

See.... I told you, you could do this!