Wednesday, September 3, 2014


How fun is this? Believe it or not.... you can make this cute ouija board pillow yourself! No, really you can. It can be a bit time consuming, but it's not too difficult.

Now all you'll need is some fabric, fabric paint, paint brushes, poly-fill for stuffing, and your sewing machine.

If you think you've got some decent painting skills, take the fabric paint and recreate the design on the fabric you want to use for your pillow. The best part about this is, it's mostly lettering (you know how to print the alphabet, right?) and you can add the moon and stars.... maybe a jack o'lantern or two, and it's your own original design!

Or you can simply hop on the www and buy some fabric with the ouija board print. Either way is just fine....

Once your fabric has been washed and dried.... it's ready to go. This is where you cut it (remember to get enough fabric for the back of the pillow, too!) to the size of the pillow you want.... remember to leave about a half inch or so around all sides, for sewing.

Take the front and the back pieces you just cut, and be sure to place the design side and the back side pieces facing each other.

Once agian, make sure the front and the back sides you want to show ARE FACING EACH OTHER. This is important, if you've never sewn pillows before.... because after they're sewn together, you'll flip them right-side-out, and the pillow will be ready to stuff. (Believe it or not, when the Queen was first starting out.... I made this mistake, and actually felt quite silly, once I realized what I had done!)

Make sure both pieces are even, and run all 3 sides through your sewing machine. Once you get to the last side, this is where you flip the fabric inside out. You'll see your pillow start to take shape. Add your poly-fill stuffing, and sew the remainig side (trim off the excess fabric) to complete your pillow.

Now most people will do a fancy edge to finish it off, so you can hand stitch the last section, or run it throught the sewing machine and add a fancy trim with some lace or fabric. Take a few pieces of your scrap fabric and play with it, and see what look you like best.

The best part, when someone asks where you found this amazing pillow, you can smile and say, ""I made it!"