Thursday, September 11, 2014


I want to thank one of my faithful Halloweenies, Carlee for sending this to me. She found this idea on Pinterest and you know The Queen.... I LOVE anything you can do with jars!

This project calls for mason jars, but I think you can use any old jars you've collected. Just make sure they're washed and dried very well, before you start.

Now, you could do this project several different ways, but here's what I think would be the easiest....

Hop on the www and find some Halloween templates you can run off on a printer, reduce or enlarge the image to the size you'll need to fit on the jars. Cut out the blacked out portion (throw it away, you won't need it) of the template, and tape the cut-out portion to the jar.

Then use some gloss back acrylic craft paint, and carefully paint the exposed glass through the template.

Once the paint has completely dried, carfeully remove the template. If you have any paint marks you want to remove around the edges, just get a sponge (with a green scrubby side) and gently rub until the paint is gone.

Make sure to do the painting on the outside of the jar, not the inside. (Not a good idea to have paint that close to a flame)

I can just see these lined up on a window sill, or as a spooktacular centerpiece for a dinner party!

Remember, only use votive candles, and if you're going to have little monsters around, be sure to keep these cute, little lanterns out of reach!

For more crafy ideas, check out, and thanks for the tip, Carlee!