Thursday, September 25, 2014


Hello Halloweenies!

I know the countdown clock is just ticking away.... and I've got bunches and bunches of e mails asking for the easiest (and fast!) Halloween cake idea..... well here it is....

It's a Bloody Cake!

Now you want to talk about easy as pie.... well... easy as cake, really. You can do this in 10 quick steps. You should already have a tub of plain white frosting and red food coloring in your Halloween pantry. Then it's a quick trip to the bakery and the halloween store, and here's what you'll do:

  1. Go to your favorite bakery
  2. Buy a cake with white frosting
  3. Stop at the Halloween party store.
  4. Buy a fake (plastic) knife or ax
  5. Go home.
  6. Take the cake out of the box.
  7. Take a tub of frosting, add a few drops of red food coloring, mix well until it turns blood red
  8. Heat the icing in the microwave for about 40 seconds to 1 minute (you want it to be a bit runny)
  9. Pour over the cake, spread evenly, letting it drip over the sides
  10. Stick the plastic knife or ax in the middle
Told you... 10 easy steps. *Poof!

Keep in mind... if this is an all-grown-ups-party, you could use a real knife and it would look.... killer!

But if little monsters will be anywhere around, I suggest you stick to the plan.... and go all plastic.

And there, I've just revealed one of my many magic tricks, to be a Halloween Hostess.

You're welcome.