Monday, August 31, 2015


Are you ready to start going full speed into (witch) crafting? This is when we really start to kick in into gear, so let's start this week off with a nifty project to light the way....
I love Halloween projects and the people who love to share their creative ideas..... and this is one of my favorites! This idea comes from a crafty lady whose site is FULL of amazing projects!

These lanterns are pretty easy to make and look way better than any you could buy at the store! Here's what you need to light the way for this project:

•Flameless candles (they run off a LED battery, and cost under $6 for 6 at Wal-Mart, batteries included).
•Paper bags (with or without window).
•Hot glue gun
•Felt cut-outs (bought or home-made —these came from the dollar store, 6 for $1.00).
I’m sure you can guess the rest from here, but take a few minutes with that glue gun, attach your spooky felt critters to the front of the bag, and add a flameless candle. Safe, cheap, and adds a lot of drama…
For more great ideas from the Fresh Crush site, click here and enjoy!