Tuesday, January 20, 2015


One of the essentials of creating the Haunted Mansion Style that we all love so much, is lighting. And bad light fixtures are the worst! Not only are they horrible to look at, but they almost become the focal point of a room! And you don't want that.

Lighting comes is so many different styles and materials, you shouldn't have any problem finding something to suit your taste.

Not sure what to look for? Check out some of these little gems, guaranteed to make your room shine. They come from White Owl & Company, and they are quite fab-boo-lous!

This Metal Chandelier holds 12 empty wine bottles and is lit up by a 40 watt bulb. Can you imagine the deep, romantic glow this would give to a room? It retails for $159.99

One of my favorites is this Mercury Glass Table Lamp. It sells for $139.99 and would just sparkle in any room. I love the deep, dark, black shade.

It's a pretty simple design, but very classy and sophisticated. This type of lamp would be great as a pair, because it is quite simple, and not too gaudy.

And how cool is this? You can't tell me you see a lamp like this every day. This Distressed Metal Birdcage Lamp is pretty unique, and could be quite the conversation piece.

It's 34 1/2 inches tall and has a really pretty distressed finish, that look like it came straight from Great Grandma's attic. It's only $229.99 and it's one of the top Customer Picks on the White Owl & Company website!

When you're decorating a room, think about how you get dressed each day.

What are the main pieces? What's a good accent color to wear with this? What kind of jewelry would really show off this outfit?

That's how you want to decorate. When working with lighting, think of it as the jewelry for your room. And who doesn't looooove a good piece of jewelry?