Monday, December 15, 2014


Happy Monday, everyone!

It seems like we just got over all the Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities, and Christmas is almost upon us! If you've be pouring over all of your recipes, and you have no idea how you'll get through another "just bring a dish" get together.... how about spicing up one of your old recipes, to make it new again?

I love making appetizers! They're so easy, you can be very creative, and feed a lot of people, with very little. I'm sure you have a recipe for something with tiny tomatoes, bread and cheese, am I right?

Let's dress it up, to be a little more festive (and maybe if you get a few eeeks and shreeks, that's a bonus!) and serve up some ladybug appetizers!

Start out with some toasted French bread slices, add a dab of balsamic dressing, place some shaved parmsean (or whatever's your favorite) cheese, (you could also add a thin slice of ham or bacon, too!) a nice leaf of fresh Italian parsley (or cilantro, or spinach works great, too!) then sit half of a cherry tomato right on top.

Add a sliced black olive for the head, and paint on a few dabs of sour cream for the eyes! Now if you really want to make it over the top.... make 2 tiny holes on top of the ladybug's head with a tooth pick, and add 2 little antennas by using the stem from the parsley.

How boo-tiful will this look on any holiday buffet?