Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I looooooooooove Pinterest! So many amazing ideas out there that people just want to share, and I for one, am all about the sharing! That's what our little corner of the web is all about, after all....

My Pinterest Pal Jen sent this to me, and I thought it was a perfect for our Project Day!

DIY Aluminum Candleholders - made from sheets of decorative mesh aluminum, cut into strips. I've used this kind of mesh before with other projects, and you can usually find it and your favorite home improvement store.

You'll need a pair of wire snips, a Sharpie marker, floral wire, and a yard stick. Also a can of black (matte or gloss) spray paint.

Here's what you do:

Lay out the mesh on a flat surface.

Using the yard stick and Sharpie, measure out the amout of mesh you want to use, and draw a line where you'll need to cut. Carefully, using the snips, cut the mesh on the line you just made.

Wrap the mesh around containers, (like a soup can or vase) to figure out the size you want. Secure by twisting wire through the mesh at the top, middle and bottom of the seams.

Turn edges of wire inside and spray paint. (Two light coats seem to work best) Add candles.... Perfection!

Happy Project Day!.... And be sure to spend some time on Pinterest today, for more fab-boo-lous ideas!