Monday, June 2, 2014


Well, it's another dreaded Monday. You've got a long To-Do List around the house, I'm sure. And some days.... you just get tired of looking at the same old decor, am I right?

As a Halloween Homemaker, one thing you can always count on, is working some new magic on old stuff you've got laying around the house.

Not only is it recycling.... but it's giving some new life to that old d├ęcor. I love that!

Here's a great example of that. We can take those old candlesticks and make them look brand new! No foolin'....

All we need is some glossy black spray paint, some ribbon, and a few dabs of hot glue.

Spray paint the candlesticks, and let them dry completely. Then set the white candles on the top of the holder. Measure and cut the ribbon the fit around each candle. Secure with a few dabs of glue.  Then it's time to add the spiders.... using more hot glue.

As you can see, when you group them together, they make a real style statement.

It's so simple, it's scary.