Thursday, November 15, 2012

TIME TO PARTY..... again

Yup! You know me, any reason for a party! And here's a good one....

I think if you're one of those people who love (or not) to trudge out into the cold and fight the crowds for BLACK FRIDAY shopping, I say, let's make a party out of it!

Since most stores will stay open late, or open before the crack of dawn, it's a super-fun opportunity to get the usual band of girlfriends together, and host a fabulous dinner (or breakfast) party! Everyone knows that shopping alone is no fun, so let's make Black Friday shopping something to look forward to.

Start off with printed invitations that include the your menu, and throw in a few store coupons that you can use during your shopping trip. (Be sure to include a dress code that includes flat, comfortable shoes!)

And don't forget the party favors.... a Black Friday swag-bag complete with a bottle of water, fruit snacks or a granola bar, to keep you hydrated and give you shopping energy. Add something cute... like a funky, inexpensive watch to coordinate meeting times with your troops! And don't forget to include a mini shopping list note pad,  a coupon organizer, and funky pen, too. Also be sure to print up an itinerary and shopping route or map, to plan your strategy during dinner (or breakfast)!

Once you plan your route, hit the stores, and check off everything on your list.... go home and take a nap!
And it could be the start of a new holiday tradition! Ready, set, GO!