Friday, August 3, 2012


You can't have a haunted house without ghosts, right? Well around the Manor we've got lots of 'em, and you'll need them too!

Some ghosts are made from old sheets and ratty white fabric. but if you're in need of some ghosts who can stand up next to the punch bowl or to be used for a centerpiece, cheese cloth is the way to go!

This self-standing ghostly creature is actually pretty easy to create.... come on, it's time for another project.....

Here are the materials you'll need:
•Cheese cloth
•Fabric stiffener ("Stiffy" by Plaid works great)
•Small container
•Splat mat (Yes, it's gonna be messy!)
•Black felt for eyes and mouth
•Small terra cotta pot
•Styrofoam (1 to fit snugly inside the pot and 1 large for the head and 2 small for the arms.)
•Wood dowels
•Plastic wrap

1.Make a form for your ghost. If you need help with the shape, use the picture as a reference, but you can come up with your own idea too. Insert the large Styrofoam ball into the pot. Insert the dowel into the Styrofoam and add the head to the top. Insert dowels into the Styrofoam for the arms. Wrap plastic wrap around the Styrofoam so that the cheesecloth won’t stick.

2.Cut a piece of cheesecloth making sure it is big enough to drape over the form.

3.Set the pot on the mat in a place where you can leave it over night.

4.Saturate the cloth with fabric stiffener and drape over your form. Mold it and shape it the way you like it. Let dry.

5.Once dry pull out the form and cut round eyes and a mouth. Glue it to your ghost.

Pretty simple, right? If you'd like to see step by step instructions, check out the video on!

It's just that easy! BOO-tiful!