Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've never been a fan of "masks", they get too hot, are to difficult to talk and eat with, when you're in full party mode...and besides.... when I show up at a party, I want everyone to know it's me.... I'm not mush of a mystery woman. So that being said.... if you think like I do, Halloween make-up is the way to go!

It's fun to practice and the results can be drop dead gorgeous! (Or gory, depending on what appeals to you)
And no need to buy expensive Halloween make-up, you can find some really good (cheap) pencils, shadows and fake lashes and your local drug store.

You might want to sketch out a few ideas on paper first, if you have a specific idea in mind. I suggest using black and dark brown liner pencils, eye shadows and pick up some pale foundation, a few shades of blush and some wild lipstick colors. (And don't forget the make-up remover cloths, that's a must!)

So, if you're feeling a bit artistic today, why not try working some make-up magic?