Tuesday, September 13, 2011


One of the things mummys and daddys have to deal with at Halloween is what to do with all that candy!

Well, talk about some crafty ideas.... why not gather up all the sweets that you don't want the little monsters munching on, and make something fun like one of these Halloween Candy Wreaths!

All you'll need is a base for the wreath (styrafoam, grapevine or even straw would work) a hot glue gun, maybe some Halloween colored ribbons, plastic spiders and lots of candy!

Just lay the candy pieces out in the design you like, then add a dab of hot glue to the back of each piece, then glue in place. Repeat until the wreath is filled in.

I love the look of the candy corn, but keep in mind, it can get a bit tedious gluing all those little candies, in such a perfect pattern.

The wrapped candy wreath looks fun and festive, and can be done in half the time, so this would be an easier project for the kiddies to help with, just be extra careful with the hot glue and little fingers...

To complete the look, hot glue on a big spider and some other creepy crawlies and you're ready to hang your sweet creation!