Monday, January 4, 2016


I hope all my Halloweenes had a frightfully fantastic holiday and New Years! Now that all of the festivities are over, it's time for us all to get back to normal.

I love the holiday madness, but what I really enjoy is once all the decorations are put away, and we're getting back into our regular routines... is doing my Spring Cleaning!

Yes, I know some of you are saying.... "But Queen, it's not Spring, yet!" Well, that's ok, because think of how great it'll be, when you get one of your resolutions knocked off your list! You know that "get the house organized" resolution that ends up haunting you all year long!

If you're not going to jump in with both feet, at least you can make a little hop by doing a few of these....

1. Organize the junk drawer in the kitchen. And don't act like you don't have one, we all do, and it's ok. Throw out anything that hasn't been used over the last year. It probably won't take longer that 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how much junk you've got in there.

2. Clean out the freezer. Come on! You know there's stuff in there you have no idea what it is.... and don't forget about that thing you keep pushing to the back, that was there the day you moved in.....

3. Fill 1 box or trash bag with clothes that you can donate to your local thrift store. Get rid of those gaucho pants, spandex tops, and leg warmers already, you're never gonna wear them again!

4. Clean out and organize the silverware drawer. Maybe even get rid of all of those mis-matched pieces, and treat yourself to some new utensils. Take advantage of all of the after-holiday sales and pick out something you really like, and I bet you can get it for a great price, too!

5. Reorganize your bookshelf. Here's another great time to fill up just 1 box, of all the books you've already read, and donate them to a local used book store. Or take them to your Half Price Books and sell them to make a little extra cash!

Trust me! Once you get a few of these things under your belt, I know that you're gonna want to do more. And the best part is, that once you get rid of some of that old stuff, you just may have a little extra cash in your pocket to buy something new for yourself.

Happy Monday, Halloween Homemakers! Now, get to work!