Friday, May 29, 2015


I was taking a little stroll through my favorite garden nursery yesterday, and I came across a gorgeous little gem I had never seen before. It had such an unusual texture.... almost like little teeth. I was quite taken with it and decided to give it a new home at The Manor. It's called a "Pilea" or "Moon Valley", which has quickly become my new favorite houseplant!

So I decided to hop on the old broomstick and fly around the www, and find out what I could on my new plant. Here's what I know about the
Pilea 'Moon Valley'....

The Moon Valley is cool little cultivar of the Friendship Plant, Pilea involucrata. It is a bushy, fast growing upright plant that grows to about 12" tall. Their greatest feature is their saw toothed edged, chartreuse leaves with deep texturing like the craters and valleys on the moon. (sometimes you have to use your imagination..) The require low light, and are an excellent choice for terrariums or dish gardens!

I think I shall call him Edgar.