Friday, August 29, 2014


Finally! The end of the summer will soon be upon us (thank goodness!) in a few days.

No more bright, sunny days, the smell of charcoal, and all those pesky mesquitoes! They'll all be gone... and you know what that means.... The Halloween Countdown has begun!

Only 62 more days to get ready! So let's hop on the ol' broomstick and get going, shall we?

With the Halloween season getting closer, you really need to think of creative ways to haunt your house for the big day! How fun are these wispy ghosts?

All you need is some white mesh fabric, white balloons, black acrylic paint, rubber bands, craft needles, white thread and clear fishing line.

Blow up the balloons and paint spooky faces on them with the acrylic paint, let dry. Then wrap 4 long pieces of the mesh (several different lengths to make wispy effect) around the balloon to form ghosts.

Tie rubber bands at the base of the neck, cover and secure with white yarn or thread. (secure it so it doesn't show too much)

Using the fishing line, make a knot and push through the mesh at the top (the "head" of your ghost) and hang from branch.

Then on the underside make another knot in another long piece of fish line, and push up to form the "arms" of the ghost. Repeat on the other side. Hang from tree branches.

BOO! You're done!