Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What to do...what to do as the cauldron of leftover candy beckons you to munch more? Don't know what to do with all that candy? Use it for a variety of crafty projects!!

Here are 10 uses for leftover Halloween candy:

1. Freeze it. It will keep for at least one year, according to foodies.

2. Save it for Christmas stockings. Who says candy wrappers have to be red or green?

3. Bake with it. Use chopped-up candy bar pieces instead of chips in cookies and brownies. Mix Butterfinger and other candy bar pieces into your cake batter.

4. Turn your candy into a holiday wreath -- any holiday. Spray shellac is recommended for the final product.

5. Use the candies to decorate this year's gingerbread house.

6. Try dissolving some candies in vodka and creating an infused booze, suggests http://www.wisebread.com/.

7. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and get crafty. Popular, easy and always appreciated are candy bouquets. Put green floral foam in a decorated pot or basket. Tape wrapped candies to craft sticks and arrange them like candy flowers. For an added touch, wind pieces of garland around the craft stick stem.

9. Skip the poker chips: Bet with candy at your next card game.

10. Make your own apple butter, but instead of using the usual spices, use ½ cup of red cinnamon candies and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon for every 10 cups of apples, suggest the ladies at http://www.livingonadime.com/