Monday, August 1, 2011


One of the best parts of Halloween is all the fun projects that you can do with the kiddos! And one of my favorites is working with paper mache..... I love it!

Making a Jack O-Lantern from a large orange pumpkin is the usual Halloween craft projects but perhaps you are having a hard time finding pumpkins....depending on where you live in the country. Or maybe you have a slight problem with "time management" and it's the night before the big bash!

Well, our fiends at Unique Craft have made it real easy, with step-by-step instructions for these paper mache Jack O-Lanterns!

What would you need is a large round balloons, paper and paper-mache (paper-mache) paste made by mixing one part flour and five parts water and boil mixture for about three minutes with a little salt to prevent mold. For the pumpkin stem was cut about an inch from the tip of the toilet roll core.

Blow up the balloon and tie with a long rope. Cut the paper into two inch strips and dipped into the paste. Cover the balloon with a piece of paper, build a good few layers to help keep the ‘pumpkin’ strong.

Hang to dry your craft to remember to put something below to catch any drips from the pasta. Once dry gently with a needle through the lantern balloon deflation. Toilet roll core can be attached to the lantern with pasta and more paper to make a rod.

With a sharp knife to cut eyes and mouth in a lantern. Children will have fun painting looks like a big orange pumpkin Jack O-Lantern. Stems in green paint. Your paper mache Jack O-Lantern is ready to light. Have fun with arts and crafts for children Halloween projects and happier ‘booing’.

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