Friday, July 1, 2011


It seems like someone has been reading my mind..... remember how excited I was several months ago, about the news that Johnny Depp was working on the film "Dark Shadows"? far...nothing! I was soooooo disappointed, and was hoping for a delish-scary movie to look forward to.....

And as some of you know.....I am totally in love with John Cusack (and have been for's ok, the hubby knows...and agrees...he's a cool guy....)

Well, today the actor said he’s confirmed to play Edgar Allan Poe in a new film out this fall! The info comes from a tweet by the man of my dreams, which said “official- i will play edgar allan poe in fall-a-film called the raven, send any poe- gold – my way as i begin this journey into the abyss.”

Clarifications: keep in mind that this is totally separate from the Poe film that Sylvester Stallone (really?) has long wanted to do. It is also totally separate from the feature version of the recent short film The Raven, which Universal is developing. From previous reports, here’s all we know about The Raven:

The Raven is a fictionalized account of the final five “mysterious” days of Edgar Allan Poe’s life. Apparently the famous writer joins the hunt for a serial killer whose murders are inspired by his stories.

The real death of Poe was also mysterious. The writer was discovered on the streets of Baltimore in great distress and in need of “immediate assistance.” He was wearing someone else’s clothes and repeating the name “Reynolds”. He died shortly after in hospital, never able to explain what had happened.
How do I love thee? I will be counting down the days!