Thursday, June 2, 2011


The best part of Halloween is the fun....and I love projects that are fun and that guests will really get a kick out of! This was a huge hit at our last party at the manor, and I knew you'd enjoy it too.

If you have any of those friends or co-workers who we politely call.....uuummm....shall we say....a bit of a stick in the mud, right? And they whine and complain that they "don't have a costume" or really....."aren't that much into Halloween".....(really? who are these freaks?) Anyway....I found a great compromise to this problem.

Homemade masks. It's really pretty simple. Just make some homemade masks, or funky glasses....or my personal favorite.....the moustache on a stick!

We have a friend Don Williams who has a big ole burly moustache, and I thought it would be funny to make some moustaches on a stick (in honor of our "fiend" Don) and keep them by the door. So when an un-costumed guest arrived, they were given one of my creations on a stick!

See....problem solved!