Tuesday, October 26, 2010


OK Halloweenies...it's cruch time and you still need a few more ideas to haunt your front yard for the big nite.

Greet party guests with this not-so-itsy-bitsy spider made from a milk jug and pipe insulation!

~Craft knife
~Gallon milk jug
~Black duct tape
~4 (6-foot) black foam pipe insulation tubes (1/2 inch diameter)
~2 plastic eggs
~Green tape


1. Use a craft knife (parents only) to cut off the spout of the milk jug, then completely cover the jug with black duct tape.

2. To create the 8 legs, tape the center of each of the 4 pipe insulation tubes across the handle side of the jug.

3. Tape the tubes to the sides of the jug as well, to keep them bent.

4. With scissors, cut and remove a 1-inch-deep notch from the middle of each leg, then bend the insulation at the notches and tape the bent joints in place.

5. For eyes, stick black tape pupils on the 2 broader ends of a pair of plastic eggs. Tape the eyes in place on the jug. Finally, decorate the top of the spider body with green duct tape, and your oversize arachnid is ready to tape or tie in place on a front porch or door.

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